Discovering the “u” in Morning

Sunrises are one of the most majestic and peaceful things our eyes behold. For many, sunrises usher in fresh starts filled with hope and new possibilities. sunriseBut depending on what season of life we are in, sunrises can signify pure drudgery as we force ourselves to get up and attempt to survive the day.

I remember a hit song from my teen years entitled “Morning Has Broken.” Another word in English that has the same pronunciation as morning is “mourning,” with an added “u.” “Mourning” is usually related to grief in the death of a loved one. The mourning process is embraced by society and grieving is encouraged by most. Death is a natural part of life and eventually all of us have to mourn through the loss of a loved one.

It’s interesting that in Matthew 5:4, Jesus says, “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.” He wasn’t necessarily talking about the bereaved. He was talking about those who suffer from their loyalty to God. The world looks in and thinks their life is an unhappy one. But that view is limited because God’s salvation allows these sufferers to transcend their circumstances and remain content.

The word “mourning” has become as refreshing to my emotional balance as a majestic sunrise is to our eyes! In John 14:6, Jesus says: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” Most Christians think if they hear the Truth that leads to Life, they are on their way. Sound familiar? I’ve been there, done that, many times. However, as my journey continues, the Holy Spirit reminds me daily about the importance of walking the Jesus Way! Notice the flow of the phrase. If we start walking the Jesus Way, the Truth will penetrate and permeate, creating Life!

Through my emotional suffering, I have grown fond of the Jesus Way. Early in my Christian journey, hearing good sermons (Truth) three times a week was a top priority! But walking the Jesus Way was not yet part of my awareness and behavior. mourning dovesOne of the positive effects of my depressions has been the discovery of the Jesus Way. In daily life, an array of actual, imagined, threatened and hidden losses (I explain them thoroughly in chapter 6 in the book) come our way. They happen as we relate to others and deal with life in general. As they come my way, being on His Way allows me to talk it over with Him (my spirit to His), freeing me to mourn life’s losses in present tense. The potential emotional damage falls by the WAY side and I am comforted! The beauty of “mourning” allows me to start breathing emotionally again.

Want some help from God’s creation with this discipline? Listen to the “coo” of mourning doves. Every time I hear them, I’m reminded about my emotional balance. May the seed of “Mourning Has Broken” sprout in the soil of your heart!

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