God has got your back!


“Blessed be the LORD, who daily bears us up: God is our salvation.” Psalms 68:19

We can rejoice my friend that God has our backs. 1358081854_1ce54c050d_zThe world hurls obstacles in our path, knocking us down more times than not! Like you, I’ve had my fair share. And they continue (I’m 55). So how do we overcome these knockdowns? The world teaches the bootstrap method, powered by our pride. You’ve heard the expression, “pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get over it! Your better and tougher than that!” I practiced that for years. Never once did it produce true inner peace in me!

God chooses a virtue we seldom seek, humility. Just so you understand, I’m not talking about a random act of kindness or being humiliated. His HUMILITY is the only force this side of heaven that is powerful enough to push our pride out of the way. I’ve come to a place where I choose humility as my chief virtue each day. By pushing my pride aside, I can be filled with His Spirit. As His Humility works in me, I’m free to take His hand, be helped up, brushed off and move forward in the midst of a painful, soul rocking knockdown! The next time you get knocked down, remember two things. (1)  Choose Humility! (Want to practically learn this–read Andrew Murray’s book entitled humility, it will blow you away.)  (2) Never forgot God has got your back and best interest at heart!

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