Help! My Thinking is Bruised

When someone says “bruise,” I automatically think of discoloring of the skin caused from a blow. Ever thought about inner bruising? Coming out of my bouts of depression, a bruise was always left on my thinking process. The passivity of mind caused by depression is fertile ground to form distorted thinking patterns. It’s normal for depression sufferers to falsely believe there is no escape from these dark thoughts! God used the following quote to progressively tear down the imprisoned walls in my mind.

“The Bible says He knows our frame and remembers we are dust. God knows the frailty and finiteness of your flesh and mine. And when we come into difficult circumstances and feel there is no way to overcome the situation, Jesus is right there with us. He knows all about us and it does not turn him off. The same Son of Man that came to seek and save the lost also came to destroy the works of the devil. The devil paralyzes and terrorizes human minds and then condemns you because you are afraid. The adversary will have a hay day with you from now until six months from Sunday unless you say to Jesus I come to You Great Lover of my soul. You have loved me first, I come and set into motion the processes through the Word in prayer that I seek You and that You will deliver me from all my fears. Psalm 127I trust the Holy Spirit to rebuild the walls of my soul that have fallen down, with Your Presence, not my selfishness. The Perfect Love of God will serve as the mortar to keep the walls together which is going to fashion a place of defense and with that there begins to return the color back to the bruised place because Jesus has come to set at liberty those who are bruised (emphasis mine).[1]

Notice the order of the words. (1) You say to Jesus I come to you. (2) By your coming, the progressive process of healing your inner person (including distorted thinking patterns) is set into motion. (3) You trust the Holy Spirit to rebuild the walls of your soul with His Presence. (4) The perfect love of God serves as the mortar that fashions a place of defense. (5) And eventually the bruise disappears!

I will elaborate more on these five points next week in Part II. This week, ponder these thoughts. Allow the Holy Spirit opportunity to sprout these seeds in your heart. By His mercy, I will be back next week to water them, trusting Him to give the increase!

[1] Jack Hayford, “Discerning and Dealing with Fear” (January 26, 1994).

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