Reflections on Psalm 107:4-9


“They wondered in the wilderness in a desolate way; they found no city to dwell in. Hungry and thirsty, their souls fainted in them. Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, and He delivered them out of their distresses. And He led them forth by the right way, that they might go to a city for a dwelling place. Oh, that men would give thanks to the LORD for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! For He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness.” Psalms 107:4-9 (NKJV)

3781254018_5ddf513018_zWilderness experiences are part of the terrain we travel.  Inner peace escapes beyond our reach.  Fainting souls litter the landscape. Remembering the adage “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going” doesn’t work in this desolation. Plagued with extreme hunger and thirst, our souls are anything but tough. And it’s here the Psalmist says, cry out to the LORD in your trouble, and He will deliver you out of your distress! He takes us the right way and deliverers us to a safe dwelling place, His residence in our hearts!  Bathing us in His infinite mercy, He nourishes and quiets our drought stricken souls. His goodness becomes our portion, quieting our inner person!

Lord, empower those who read this to yield to Your Spirit. Strengthen them to be still in Your Presence. And may they find rest for their souls! In Your Holy Name, Amen.

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